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Aamir Dental Surgery is the best dental clinic in Lahore. ADS DENTAL GROUP treat our patients like our families. We have a well experienced team of dental surgeons who are well equipped in their respective fields . Our group of clinics is headed by Dr. Aamir Zia with a sincere and well equipped team around him.


Emergency prosthesis.

Emergency prosthesis.
The patient came to us with a hope because someone had told him that we could help him. Patient had his Nikkah ceremony on Friday night. He came to us on Wednesday for emergency restoration of his traumatic anterior teeth.
We planned single visit root canal treatment of 11 and asked our laboratory to prepare the crowns within one day.
Allhamdullilah, here are the results.
Shifa is only from Allah (SWT)
May Allah (SWT) bless this man with a happy life ahead.

Dental Implant

Dental implant done at 10:30pm before going home. Allhamdullilah . It was a difficult case. Another dental surgeon had refused to give implant at this place. The patient came to us with disappointment. After thorough investigation we got to know that there was a large bone defect in the posterior jaw because of previous failed implant.
But there was enough bone present for single implant. We told this to the patient and he gave us a “go ahead”. We planned this implant and Allah (SWT) helped us and made it a successful procedure Allhamdullilah
Implant is lower right 6 (36).
Diameter of implant…3.5
Length of implant…11.5
May Allah (SWT) increase our skills further.
+ 100
+ 20
+ 5
+ 200


Teeth discoloration treatment through bleaching, veneers and crown bridge by highly professional and experienced team of dental surgeons.

We have experienced orthodontists available for all orthodontic treatments under strict sterilisation and with modern techniques at all our clinics.

Removable prosthetic teeth which can be placed with the help of clasps made of metal on both the sides. These clasps hold the adjacent teeth to make it firm.

Broken tooth build up with fiber post and composite (Laser filling)
Tooth prepared for pfm crown.

Beauty of Zirconia, Porcelain crowns replaced with Zirconia

Lower arch Implants done at our clinic. Firstly we did two immediate Implants on right side. Afterwards we removed the remaining bridge and put three remaining Implants

Dr. Aamir Zia

Meet our Dental Specialists
Dr. Aamir Zia (Gold Medalist)

Dr. Aamir Zia is Dental Surgeon (Gold Madelist) B.D.S (Pb), R.D.S (Pak) PMDC verified modern state of the art clinic, providing a complete treatments for your healthcare concerns, located in the heart of Lahore.

The clinic has flexible timings and deals with emergency cases as well. Different doctors have different availability hours for consultation.

We believe in affordable specialty Dental care for all.

we are here to treat our people with goodwill. Just try us once for your satisfaction.

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